Here at Kanagala HR Solutions we provide a comprehensive yet flexible outsourced payroll service tailored to each of our client’s specific requirements.

One of our Payroll Specialists will be assigned to work with you, to ensure we have a deep understanding of your needs and will be able to design bespoke, customisable spreadsheets or time sheets to make it easy for you to send your payroll data to us, or we are happy to work with your current processes. Your payroll will go through a series of checks and we reconcile your payroll to your original data to ensure there are no discrepancies before we return your payroll to you.

Why Kanagala HR?

  • We are absolutely passionate about payroll
  • Process your payroll, accurately and on time.
  • Manage your payroll with a simple, cost effective service.
  • We are specialists in small sized clients (from 1 – 3,000 employees).
  • We undergo continuous professional development each year, ensuring they are always up to date with legislation.
  • Continuously monitoring, analysing and improving all processes.
  • We make sure your payroll is hassle free.

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